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Why Sustainably Frugal?

Story behind starting this lifestyle blog and why its named sustainably frugal.

We all develop a certain set of value systems based on our situations & circumstances while growing up. We prefer upholding certain values over the others. The values that I prefer to uphold are being financially independent, freedom of time, and living in harmony with nature. These values of mine drew interests into environment and energy conservation. Being a problem solver, I chose to do my masters in energy systems and become an energy auditor. After my masters, my goals were to increase energy conservation and reduce the carbon footprint of as many industries and organizations as possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't follow my chosen career path as adulting was tough and I found myself living on a tight budget to pay off education loans.

“Spend extravagantly on the things you love, and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don't.”
- by Ramit Sethi (Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

At one point, with an array of dreams, I felt I was really hard on myself - whether to be sustainable or comfortable or lavish or frugal. Nothing of these went hand-in-hand. However, I found a point of intersection and this website would be my journal to pen it down on an intermittent basis.

My background

I did my masters in Dehradun. The campus was surreal as it was located in the valley of the Himalayas where people lived in harmony with nature! I had the fortune of living amidst the farms and cattle. The lifestyle was largely sustainable and I wanted to embrace it throughout my life.

I studied both my bachelors and masters on an education loan due to financial circumstances. Paying back sooner was my goal. I prefer being debt-free, but, being a fresher there was a challenge as I had to live on a tight budget, especially when half of my income went into EMIs. Eventually, my quest for sustainability went for a toss. I ended up being at war with myself. I wrote off assuming that being sustainable is a very costly affair! In fact, I even changed my job profile to a market researcher as that accelerated my career. I had an improved cash flow over the years, unfortunately at the expense of living a sustainable life.

Today and way forward

Almost a decade later, I am still facing similar challenges. Education loans were paid off successfully, however, replaced with consumer loans. Minimalism & frugality helped me knock off education loans, and I believe the same strategy would help me knock off the existing loans in the next two years. However, during this course of living a frugal life, I found ways to embrace sustainability as well.

Living a sustainable lifestyle need not be expensive and time-consuming. I am planning to share my ideas, build a community and explore new ways to live a life we love without causing much harm to mother nature.

Let's learn and grow together!

With Love,


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